Adsense Programme and Policies

As a website that participates in the Google AdSense program, we are committed to following the AdSense Program Policies to ensure a safe and positive user experience for our visitors. The following is a summary of the AdSense Program Policies that we adhere to:

  1. Prohibited content: We do not display ads on our website that promote or contain any prohibited content, including but not limited to pornography, illegal drugs, or hate speech.
  2. Invalid click activity: We do not encourage or participate in any invalid click activity, such as clicking on our own ads or asking others to click on our ads.
  3. Ad placement: We ensure that ad placements on our website are compliant with AdSense Program Policies, including the placement of ads above the fold and not placing ads in misleading or deceptive locations.
  4. User data: We do not collect or use any personal user data in violation of AdSense Program Policies, including tracking users or serving personalized ads without user consent.
  5. Ad behavior: We do not display ads that interfere with the user experience, including pop-ups, auto-redirects, or misleading ads.

We take the AdSense Program Policies very seriously and reserve the right to remove ads or terminate our participation in the program if we violate these policies. If you believe that any ads on our website are in violation of AdSense Program Policies, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for your understanding and support as we strive to provide a safe and positive user experience on our website.