Senator Win Gatchalian revealed on Saturday

Senator Win Gatchalian revealed on Saturday that the individual implicated in the recent shooting incident in BGC has ties to Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO). Gatchalian, citing information from law enforcement sources, stated that the suspect is affiliated with a syndicate connected to POGO.

“It’s confirmed that this individual is linked to POGO and gained entry through it. If we recall the early days, setting up and working in POGOs happened swiftly, allowing almost anyone to find employment in them,” Gatchalian disclosed on Teleradyo Serbisyo.

According to the senator, the suspect is a remnant of a kidnapping syndicate previously operating in the country.

He further stated that the suspect is affiliated with the syndicate responsible for the recent crime.

“Now, the news I have regarding this shooting incident is that these are the remnants of syndicates left here. And this individual is part of those involved in kidnapping. There is also evidence pointing to this person’s involvement, as you may recall, there was a news report about someone beheaded. He was involved in that,” Gatchalian remarked.

“When he was arrested, he resisted. We can see that. What’s frightening is that these individuals live in subdivisions, high-end villages. This is in BGC where many tourists and businessmen reside,” he added.

Government ‘fixers’ may be behind the issuance of Philippine IDs for foreign POGO workers: official

Gatchalian has been actively advocating for the prohibition of POGOs in the nation.

His committee’s findings on the matter have yet to be deliberated in the Senate plenary.

Gatchalian cautioned the public that members of POGO syndicates are now utilizing legitimate government IDs such as PhilHealth and driver’s licenses.

“POGO really, what it does, is truly detrimental to our society because up to now, we still see these problems… The two Bugattis in Alabang worth P180 million, my information is that they also belong to POGOs. POGOs are the owners of these Bugattis. Because who among the locals can afford a P180 million vehicle? And we’ve heard that these are also POGOs. That’s why up to now, it’s not just coming out in the media. Some are just sporadically mentioned in the media. But their negative activities persist,” he stated.

It was also Gatchalian who disclosed that two illegally imported Bugatti Chiron cars, purportedly valued at P170 million each, are likewise possessed by POGOs.

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